Distance Coaching: A Convenient, Affordable Alternative

With Distance Coaching, you can have the benefits of personalized coaching without leaving your home or office. It’s easy for us to work together at a distance.

Prepare Your Presentation

For coaching to help you plan and put together a powerful presentation, all you need is a telephone.

Polish Your Presentation Skills

Learn how to be a more engaging and authoritative speaker using your computer, a web cam and a free Skype account.

Powerful Powerpoint

Make your slides into a powerful communication tool, not a tedious list of bullet points. You’ll learn how to avoid the PowerPoint mistakes that audiences detest, and how to liberate your slide presentation from rigid sequencing. All we need is email and a telephone.

Insightful Communication

People have different styles of communicating and of getting things done. Understanding your own style, and learning how and when to flex your style, can make you more effective in all kinds of situations, including meetings, conversations and even emails. It can even help you communicate better with friends and loved ones. We can work via telephone or computer video-conference.

Setting Up Distance Coaching is Easy and Convenient

We start with a brief, no-charge phone consultation to identify your situation and goals, and determine if distance coaching is right for you. If it is, we’ll set up a date and time for your coaching session. You can then use PayPal to conveniently make your payment, which reserves your distance coaching session.

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“Your coaching was very effective. The PR firm just told me I was the top rated speaker. Thanks for all your help.”

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