Workplace and Team Communication

When work groups and teams communicate well, it boosts productivity, morale and job satisfaction, and benefits negotiations and sales. In this engaging program, participants assess their own work and communication styles, discover how their styles impact others, and learn how to interact more successfully with colleagues, clients and customers whose work and communication preferences are similar or different from their own.

Participants will:

  1. Learn to use their understanding of communication styles to be effective team leaders and members.

  2. Understand how to communicate more effectively in presentations, meetings, informal discussions and even emails.

  3. Build on the strengths and minimize the weaknesses of their own work and communication styles.

  4. Learn how to interact more smoothly with different kinds of people, including those who may seem difficult to work or communicate with.

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The team is doing well and we’ve implemented many of the ideas generated by our discussion with you. I appreciate your help and we will continue to work on our internal and external communication!”           

—Concordia University

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