Building Powerful Presentations From the Ground Up

In this workshop, participants learn how to connect with and engage any type of audience and get the results they want from their presentations, through strategic planning and preparation. Using this method, they’ll be able to cut preparation time, boost their persuasiveness and confidence, and make presentations more enjoyable for themselves and engaging for their audience.

Participants will learn:

  1. A practical, step-by-step method to put together presentations on any topic, for any audience.

  2. Two crucial questions to ask before you start preparing any presentation.

  3. How be listener-driven instead of a data-driven, and why it’s essential.

  4. How to address your audience’s concerns and “hot buttons.”

  5. How to engage your listeners starting with the first words you say.

  6. How to convey complex or technical information to non-technical audiences.

  7. How to reduce listeners’ resistance to your message, even if it’s one they don’t
    want to hear.

  8. How to solve the problem of too much information and too little time.

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“This was an incredibly useful program. I learned how to make a speech far more appealing and interesting to the listener, no matter how 'boring' the topic.”           

—Perkins Coie, Seattle, WA

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